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[/kip/]: One Kilo pound of force per square inch

For years, we’ve been able to shore up commercial foundations – even up to 900 Kips Ultimate capacity. Here are the robust methods we integrate to get the job done!

*Up to 900 Kips Ultimate Stelcor Piles being driven in

Industrial Methods We Use:


Drilled-in displacement Micropiles

  • Micropiles
  • Stelcor Piles
  • Drilled-in displacement Micropiles
  • Segmented Driven Piles
  • Helical Piers
  • Push Piers
  • Soil Nails & Tie Backs

What are Micropiles? Why are they used?
How do they work? What types are there?

Micropiles are long, complex steel rods that are driven deep into the ground to permanently secure and shore-up a foundation. We are Rhino Foundation Systems incorporate mircopiles to ensure the most cost-effective, high-performance way to attain long-term stabilization.

Micropiles are designed to support large amounts of weight, hitting ranges upward of 1,000 tons. This is why we utilize micropiles because they have the capacity, stealth, and portability to handle any weight of a home or commercial building.

They are also well suited for almost any scenario, as they can be easily and efficiently implemented, even in areas with low overhead space, or other places with limited accesssibility. This also makes them the ideal repair choice for basement and crawlspace configurations.

Benefits of Micropiles

  • Implementation in confined spaces
  • Bypasses layers of stone and bedrock easily
  • Variety of installation methods
  • Works well, regardless of the ground (including inclined surfaces)
  • Highly stable
  • Vibration-resistant option
  • Existing Structures
  • New Structures
  • Tests can be performed on-site before final implementation
  • Low noise operation
  • Lightweight
  • Encased in steel
  • Grout and Rebar capable

How They Work

Micropiles provide stable reinforcement in shifting or failing soil.

A Micropile is installed in the soil of a foundation, at the most beneficial angle. Once a solidifying agent is injected, the micropile will be able to easily support even the most immense weights. Micropiles act as a bridge or path. The load weight of a structure is distributed straight into the micropile. That micropile passes the weight through to a more competent soil, which makes it so that the deeper soil becomes permanently capable of maintaining the heavyweight of the structure.

Unlike flimsy soils that rest closer to the surface, the micropile is able to allow the structure to be connected with the much more stable soil below. During the tamping down of each steel rod, grout is inserted. This ensures that even through the most difficult soils – like those that contain buried rock or cobble – it practically becomes impossible for the micropile to shift.



As preparation, prior to anything else, the are for the micropile is drilled into a rotary fashion.


The cleared space for implementation must be flushed, to minimize any negative effects of the process.


Rebar and/or grouting are inestered. Grout needs to solidify, and then the steal is adjusted to fit, as precisely as possible.


The micropile is adjusted and then completed, in whatever final ways are needed.


To test the strength and functionality of the micropile, final tests are performed.


Rhino Carbon Fiber™ Reinforcement Products are a product line of Rhino Products USA, Inc. Our main objective is to make sure your residential or commercial concrete crack repair and structural strengthening experiences are easy, reliable and long-lasting; we work hard every day to make this a reality for our customers. Everyone involved with Rhino Carbon Fiber™ is dedicated to providing the best repair solution for any project. We work closely with our customers to meet and exceed their expectations for their projects.


We not only make one of the highest quality products available in the industry, but we continually work to make our products better. Our engineering and R&D departments ensure that Rhino Carbon Fiber™ continues to be the best concrete crack repair and structural strengthening solution available today, tomorrow and into the next century!


Recently, we just filled up the underneath voids of multiple seating tiers in a large chain of theatres, located in one State. We can easily inject long-lasting, quick-filling polyurethane foam into any space, concrete, or void that needs leveling, insulation, stability, or longevity.

  • Lightweight
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Easier to install

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