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Concrete Leveling

When concrete slabs, driveways, porches or sidewalks are first installed, they are placed directly on top of soil, making the entire presentation appear new, solid and pleasing to the eye. 

However, over time, the soil underneath can begin to shift, causing slabs to separate, sag, or even sink – leaving ugly cracks and dangerous tripping hazards. Through years of experience in dealing with sunken concrete, Rhino Foundation Systems provides the long-term solution: professional Concrete Leveling. Sometimes also known as Concrete Lifting, this process is a surefire way to ensure that failing cement can be lifted and leveled, so that it is more safe, no longer embarrassing, and pleasing to look at, once again. To accomplish this task, we stabilize the soil which lies underneath the slabs. 

How It Works

In order to stabilize the soil underneath, slabs are injected with a special polyurethane foam, which expands organically, filling the void below. As the foam fills the space underneath, the concrete will begin to slowly lift. Once it begins to lift, it will rise until the slab has functionality and form, once again.

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Concrete leveling is necessary because when slabs of concrete are installed, they are constructed and placed directly on top of soil. Over the course of months and years, fluctuating weather patterns, changing moisture levels, and alterations in the composition and compaction of the soil, cement slabs can shift or move. These shifts result in unsightly cracks and unsafe slab levels (tripping hazards!). 

Rhino Foundation Systems will come take a look, assess the most efficient and cost-effective method for leveling, and then help to quickly enhance the useability of your cement. In fact, some jobs can be accomplished the same day.



We incorporate three main steps to help your concrete look nice, level and user-friendly, again:


In order to correct the affected slabs, we drill dime or quarter–sized holes straight down vertically, into the cement. 

We drill dime-sized holes straight into your concrete.


We then inject and pump in our strong polyurethane formula (Concrete Leveling Foam) underneath the concrete, to fill the space underneath the slabs.


As the foam underneath immediately starts to expand, the slabs will lift…and level out. When the best level is attained, the slabs are then examined for conformity. Once our technicians determine that the slabs  are leveled and lifted to capacity, then the injection stops, and drilling holes are sealed.



Time-Lapse Videos

*We even level colored cement*

7 Advantages of Rhino’s Concrete Leveling

  1. Saves Money: avoids the high cost of paying for the construction of new concrete
  2. Saves Time: Concrete Leveling is a much quicker fix than the laborious time of new concrete installation.
  3. Avoid painful or costly injuries due to slips or falls
  4. Concrete will be level again — in a matter of hours
  5. Results last for years
  6. Least expensive way to get your concrete looking fresh and revived, again. 
  7. You’ll be the envy of all the neighbors!  
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