Ogden, Utah

Foundation repair usually has a large amount to do with geographical location, climate, and time of year. Before we take a look at Ogden, let’s look at how each of these factors can affect foundation repairs in a good bit of detail so we can translate that to how these repairs would be implemented by the Rhino Foundation Systems team.

First off, geographical location. Rhino Foundation Systems functions statewide. From southern St. George to Ogden, which we know rests even more north than Salt Lake. Most of the state, especially the northern regions, are home to ranges of mountains that protrude in many areas. The most notable of these ranges are the Wasatch Mountains, a set of mountains that stretch upwards of 150 miles from the Utah-Idaho border, down to central Utah. The Wasatch Mountains are part of the much larger Rocky Mountain range, which takes up a large portion of land in the United States, which should help point out that most of the state is on the mountainous side if any of the other information just listed doesn’t do that already. Regarding foundation repair, mountains can make it difficult to build and repair homes. Even if they aren’t extremely close to the land where a home will be built, mountains can be the reason certain land is not ideally suitable for these homes. The soil around these regions can be particularly riddled with larger rocks that lie hidden and become problematic during construction, or the soil may not be dense enough to keep aspects of the house in place well enough. Most of the time, there are workarounds, hence why we see so many houses that sit on the face of mountains along the Wasatch range. Essentially, if somebody wants a house built in what would seem like an unorthodox location, it can be done for the right price with the right tools.

Utah & Foundation Repair

There are also some areas in Utah which are lush, or dry, and suffer or benefit from other things in their respective regions that can affect foundation repair situations. The desert plains of St. George can provide a good flat surface, but soil is dry and flaky, meaning some maintenance would need to be done to create a good structural foundation, and lush regions like those near bodies of water such as Utah Lake tend to have more frequent water problems with the foundation.

Next is climate. Utah is known for being a desert state, which would seem ironic given the good amount of snowfall it gets, but it isn’t out of place for partially being a mountainous region in the midwest, almost centered perfectly between the snowy regions of the north. The state sees good amounts of precipitation year round, with snow during the winter, and a decent amount of dry weather during the summer. Climate is important in regards to foundation repair because it can have a very hazardous impact on the ground a foundation is built on. The composition quality of soil being consistent year round means the foundation would (in most cases anyway) also not experience many issues, but considering the weather in Utah is so variable means people have to take extra precautions to ensure their home does not become prone to damages as a result of quick shifts from dry weather to precipitation, and vice versa. As for time of year, that mostly can be tacked on to climate hazards given that the weather patterns in Utah are generally consistent with the changing seasons.


Now that all that information is fresh on the top of your head, let’s look at how this can affect foundation repair in Ogden. The city rests in the north, and generally gets more snowfall than regions further south because of this, and the fact that it rests at a slightly higher altitude and rests at the foot of the Wasatch Mountain Range helps accentuate this cold precipitation. Snow affects Ogden in noticeable amounts for generally 5 months of each calendar year, with average rainfall for each month of the year. The city is one of the more humid areas in the state because of this rainfall, which means a good amount if not the vast majority of foundation based problems in the area can be chalked up to water damage. Thankfully, this humid climate means that the soil in the area is consistent in complexity and composition year round, or at least more so than it is in other regions of the state. However, also because of this precipitation, the importance of having your basement waterproofed increases, and when it gets done, it is important that it is waterproofed and sealed properly. If you live in Ogden, and do not have a sealed and waterproof foundation, do not hesitate to contact Rhino Foundation Systems.

Of course, water is not the only problem that can come to foundations. We already discussed how solid can cause problems as well, so what else can cause damage to your home and your foundation? There are many things, but perhaps the next one that comes to mind probably comes to mind because it is pretty obvious. Earthquakes. These natural disasters will easily cause the most damage under most circumstances, but they are also more uncommon than many people think despite living in close proximity to a fault line.

Ogden is generally a more consistent portion of the state to live in when it comes to having foundation problems. Living in Ogden can help if you want to avoid repairs due to inconsistent weather patterns! Jokes aside, make sure to have your home waterproofed if you live in the area, and as long as you keep an eye out for signs of obvious damage or deterioration of your home or foundation, and if you do see any issues, contact a foundation repair company like Rhino Foundation Systems, to come out and see what they can do.

Potential Solutions 

Rhino Foundation Systems offers all services statewide. If something happens that generally would be seen as odd for an area that a homeowner lives in when contrasted with another region where that event is more common, we can offer the service because we offer our services anywhere they may be needed in the state under the locations Rhino Foundation Systems is functional within. Ogden is no exception, not its mountain side homes, and not its lakeside estates either. Here is a brief bullet list of the services we offer:

Foundation Repair

  • Basement Waterproofing
  • Crawl Space Encapsulation
  • Carbon Fiber
  • Foundation Leveling
  • Helical Piers
  • Micropiles

Concrete Lifting

  • Concrete Leveling
  • Polyurethane Foam
  • Concrete Replacement

For a more detailed look at each of these services, visit our service page here.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much will it cost to have my foundation waterproofed and/or repaired in Ogden, Utah?

The price range for repairs is always variable, mainly changing in cost based on damage to the structure, or any aspect of the facility that needs to be brushed up on. Repair costs when a house is settling can be priced at ranges of $15,000, and often more than that depending on how much clearance the area has. We recommended reaching out quickly if you have any problems or questions, that way, if there is a problem, it can be resolved before damage worsens. Waterproofing is generally part of repairs, and done if your home is not already waterproof.

Why is it important to waterproof my basement?

Basements, like any other room in a house, should not be filled with water. Water will sink into surfaces and cause damage. Walls will warp, cracks will form, frames will distort. The biggest difference is that basements are typically colder and dark, which promotes mold buildup, and that can be toxic for inhabitants. Also, the basement is your foundation, which is surrounded by the soil that encompases your house. If that foundation takes too much damage, your house can begin to settle, which will create damage that will need to be repaired eventually, and those repairs are not cheap.

What can I do to prevent damage myself?

The most common cause for damage is water. Waterproof your home, and you are usually good to go, but there are many cases where this task is not done properly, and things go sideways. This can help to be prevented by maintaining a good drainage system. Keep water flowing away from your home. Make sure to have your foundation, drainage systems, and plumbing inspected at least once or twice a year, but the more frequently the better.

What should I look out for regarding where I live in Ogden?

Look out for prolonged periods of time where the region is dry and has not experienced precipitation. If the area you live has been more dry than usual, make sure to try and keep the soil around your home at what would be normal levels of moisture, otherwise you may experience an abnormal or unprecedented settling problem given the soil’s new out of place complexion. Ogden is on the slightly humid side and overly dry periods are not overly common.

How long would it take to waterproof my basement in Ogden, Utah?

Like most projects regarding foundation repair, the time it would take can vary based on the extent of damage. When it comes to basements however, the biggest issue is if the home currently has or has at some point seen water damage. That damage will need to be mended, a flooded basement will need to be drained, and then we can start waterproofing the area. In most cases, this will never extend past 3 days of work, but like we said, it really depends on the extent of damage.

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