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Micropiles are long, complex steel rods that are driven deep into the ground or horizontally into cement, to permanently ensure the most cost-effective, high-performance way to attain long-term stabilization. They have the capacity to handle any home, building or berm, up to 1,000 tons.

They can be easily implemented, even in areas with low overhead space, or other places with limited accessibility, like basements and crawl space configurations.

Benefits of Micropiles

  • Implementation in confined spaces
  • Bypasses layers of stone and bedrock easily
  • Variety of installation methods
  • Works well, regardless of the ground (including inclined surfaces)
  • Highly stable
  • Vibration-resistant option
  • Existing Structures
  • New Structures
  • Tests can be performed on-site before final implementation
  • Low noise operation
  • Lightweight
  • Encased in steel
  • Grout and Rebar capable

The Installation Process

Step 1

As preparation, the micropile is drilled into the soil, in a rotary fashion.

Step 2

Rebar and/or grouting are also inserted. The grout will solidify, and then the steel is adjusted to fit.

Step 3

The Micropile is adjusted and then completed, in whatever final ways are needed.

Step 4

To test the strength and functionality of the Micropile, final tests are performed.

Push Piers

When an existing home is drastically settling, sinking, or placed on unstable soil, Push Piers are applied. Push Piers are fastened to the side of a foundation, and then hydraulically “pushed” down vertically through the soil, all the way straight to bedrock.

The Piers push against the firm substratum and then the house lifts, like a hydraulic jack lifts a car. Once the house is lifted, it is fixed into place, permanently securing the foundation and home.

Helical Piers

When a home sits on too soft of soil, and needs to be secured tight to the ground, and also the foundation conditions are not conducive for micropiles, Helical Piers will be installed.

These large steel “screws” are made up of round, steel shafts, with cork-screw like plates. This immense downward, rotating force tightens the house into the soil, so that it can be permanently affixed, strong and secure.  

Segmented Driven Piles

Segmented Driven Piles Page

Google Reviews

Meagan Rojas
Meagan Rojas
Brendon helped us out super last minute, was very professional and knowledgeable. We feel very confident with him doing the work!
Chay McGee
Chay McGee
Joel was professional and happy to answer questions. I’m impressed so far.
Craig Lively
Craig Lively
Casey provided me a quote and I ultimately didn’t end up moving forward with the bid. However, he still continued to provide recommendations for my situation. Great, trustworthy company.
Spencer Woodland
Spencer Woodland
Casey is a legend. On time & very responsive. Provided me with all the information I needed & was very helpful. Highly recommended!
Jason Haymond
Jason Haymond
Brian and Ferron were amazing! We had a small lift to do on our front porch that has been getting progressively worse since at least the early 1980's (when my Dad remembers it to). It had dropped the corner of the house about 3 inches at least, making the brick column crack apart, the roofline look all screwy, and even the screen door would rub the "ceiling" on the porch. They were available for this job super fast. Everyone else couldn't come for at least three months, and their prices were about double what Rhino offered. All the other guys wouldn't even consider trying to lift it back into place, just drive piers and stabilize it while leaving it all crooked. When these guys came out, they texted beforehand to let me know when to expect them, and showed up on time with all the equipment necessary. Brian walked me through everything he would do, and explained any of the risks of trying to lift the porch. They dug the smallest holes possible, and kept everything neat and tidy on tarps. The lift went super well, and I'm thrilled with how straight it all is. 10/10 I will be using Rhino for more work, and recommend them without any hesitation. Thank you!
Amber King
Amber King
Rhino Foundation Systems has been so great to work with so far! Joel has been out to our house twice now and has been so patient and great with us to answer our millions of questions and explaining the best route to solve our different concrete issues. He has always been so prompt and professional. Highly highly recommend!!

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