Push Piers

Push Piers are long cylindrical galvanized steel piles that are attached to the bottom of a foundation and then through hydraulic pressure, ‘pushed’ into the ground in segments through heavy brackets….until a settled or sinking foundation begins to lift and stabilize. These piers are embedded into the ground until the entire connected piering system reaches hard substratum or bedrock below.

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Push Piers

We at Rhino Foundation Systems know that a building’s foundation is one of the most important structural elements in any structure, whether it be for a home or commercial business. As such, we utilize our well-established, robust Push Piers System in all kinds of scenarios, where a structure needs to be lifted and stabilized.  In many of those situations, our piers not only stop the settlement and sinking of a structure, but lift the foundation back to its original position, closing up cracks, and improving overall stability and level-ability.

The Push Piers that we incorporate have earned us a reputation that we have the technology, tools, know-how and grit to accomplish pretty much any lift that comes our way. With ever-increasing efficiencies in engineering and design, we are consistently delivering our performances to handle tougher and heavier load capacities. In being innovative, we have found that jobs can be completed faster, lift can be attained easier, and our customers are much more pleased with our strenuous results.

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How Do They Work?

Like a hydraulic jack lifts a car, the piers push against that hard substratum way down deep and the house or structure lifts.  It is the weight of the structure pushing down on the stabilized pier that keeps the whole system tightly together and prevents any movement.

Other names for Helical Piers:

  • Jacked piles
  • Resistance piers
  • Hydraulically driven piers
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Any residential, commercial, or existing industrial structure that is built on collapsible soils can instantly benefit from our Push Piers System.
Surprisingly enough, according to the US Government Accountability Office, one in four homes has foundation issues. If it is not resolved, these problems can cause up to a 25% drop in the home’s value. Thankfully, we have the most robust and viable solution: Our Push Piers Systems.

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Indications of Needing Push Piers

If the soil beneath a foundation is too wet, it can swell, sink, or erode away some of the existing foundation. Conversely, if the ground is too dry, the soil will shrink and cause the foundation to shift. Issues like these can lead to cracks, movement, or even slanting. If these issues are left alone, the entire structure can become hazardous to live in, as foundations can start to degrade and crumble, over time.

Here are the key indicators:  

  • Foundations walls that are Bowed or Buckled
  • Doors that stick or don’t open or close properly
  • Windows that stick, or don’t properly open or close
  • Cracks in interior walls and ceilings
  • Cracks in exterior walls
  • Sunken or buckled Interior concrete floors
  • Cracks in foundation walls 
  • Settling soil changes caused by mudslides, droughts, or floods
  • Broken footings at the base of the foundation.
  • Slanted or uneven foundations.

Advantages of our Push Piers System

  • Permanent foundation solution
  • Greater load capacities
  • Concrete not needed
  • Easy accessibility to place brackets against footing and foundations
  • Home or building can be lifted back into its original position and permanently secured
  • Unlimited structure lifting capabilities: can be used on properties of all sizes.
  • Year-round installation
  • Quick completion
  • Quiet, vibration-free
  • Portable installation equipment
  • 25 Year Warranty
  • If installed properly can lift a home structure back to its original position
  • No foundation replacement necessary
  • Suitable for both heavy and light loads
  • Can go as deep as needed
  • Round pile design resists bending
  • High-strength, galvanized steel
  • Superior lateral stability
  • Installation is underground: concealed from sight
  • Environmentally-friendly
  • Designed to be installed in low access areas
  • Designed to affix and attach immediately to a structure
  • Greater section modulus strength to resist twisting and deflection
  • Minimal soil disturbance
  • Patented steel piers and brackets
  • A unique, tested design that has been proven to perform under precise engineering standards
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