Our Technicians

Every one of our technicians must go through a rigorous training program on Trainual, our online education portal. We want them fully trained. And we know that you need them fully trained, so we ensure that they are well entrenched in our tried-and-tested performances and practices: They are steeped in our renowned reputation of our Five-Star Google Ratings (link to first page, bottom), why we have those wonderful Reviews, how we got them (from you, our doting customers), and how it is imperative to our ownership that all of us consistently provide that level of caring and service, no matter what project they are working at, each and every time. Year after year, our owners have carefully and purposefully built up solid, strong relationships where our customers can pretty much 100% always rely on us, no matter the circumstances.

Our ownership holds a strict standard when it comes to treating our customers as we would our own loved ones, in our own homes. Again, this is why we have been fortunate enough to receive continuing high reviews. Not only does our ownership care for our customers, but though it seems to be unusual in the construction industry, they treat their employees the exact same way…like a true family. This is important to know, because when one of our specialized, highly-trained technicians arrive at your place, you can know that not only are they well trained, incentivized, and highly respected, but fully trusted by our Ownership. We hire this caliber of workers, so that you’ll have peace of mind, knowing that they’ve not only been instructed but taught – to do their best to quickly alleviate your concerns, and to forthrightly get to work in solving the complex problem.

Besides learning all that there is about how repair foundations and to shore up structures and foundations, they are also well-versed in the following: property management, customer relations, safety, personal protection equipment, machinery handling, property legalities, the paradigm of homeowners and owners, industry standards, and what we really pride ourselves on…daily maintaining clean work sites, and cleaning up any messes after we’re done.

Let us relieve your stress.