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Polyurethane Foam

Concrete slabs are a fantastic feature of any outside space. Patios are ideal for outdoor eating, while slabs themselves could form the basis for stepping stones or other features. Whatever the application; they have the power to uplift your landscape.

That’s why it becomes disappointing when the soil underneath your slabs becomes compromised. Whether slabs start sloping or sliding out of place, your feature could begin to look messy, and your patio could become unusable. Even worse, total replacements can cost a fortune.

Luckily, we have a solution that’s a whole lot easier than starting from scratch, and it comes in the form of our polyurethane foam. This foam alternative to replacements brings a whole host of benefits to your concrete applications including:

  • Lightweight
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Easier to install

How does polyurethane foam work?

That’s a great question! The good news is that this solution entirely does away with the need for removal of your old slabs and pouring of new ones. Instead, our team will be able to embark on concrete lifting by injecting polyurethane solutions underneath.


To give you an even better understanding of the process, let’s take a step-by-step look at what solutions like these involve:


Our team will make a dime-sized hole in chosen areas on your concrete slabs


They’ll then inject polyurethane foam slowly underneath the slab to allow even heat distribution and satisfactory results


Within 10-15 seconds the foam will begin to expand and will either lift your slabs enough to straighten them or indicate that further injection is necessary

Polyurethane foam uses

Polyurethane isn’t only useful for concrete lifting. We can provide a wide range of invaluable services with this tool. Other common applications include:

Void Filling

Using a similar process to that mentioned above, polyurethane foam is also a fantastic option for void filling. This multi-use foam is an impressive 15-25 times lighter than popular void filling alternatives like mudjacking or grout mix, making it a far preferable choice for many.

Joint/slab stabilization

We also commonly use polyurethane foam in cases of slab stabilization. If concrete slabs of any kind lack support they’re liable to crack. Polyurethane provides an easy way to provide support and prevent the movement that can lead to issues like these. This is an especially invaluable application for slabs liable to excessive exposure from heavy vehicles and machinery in multiple commercial settings. It can also work well in cases of a well-used patio.

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