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Waterproof Your Basement

Buildings can suffer from water leakage in almost any part of the structure. However, when it comes to basements, damp conditions, mold, mildew, leaks, or any water seeping underneath or through any part of the foundation, can also quickly become hazardous. Basement waterproofing is the process of correcting and preventing structural damage.

Once water is present, foundations become unstable. Mold can develop and then spread to other parts of the building, and insects or rodent infestations can occur. Basement waterproofing immediately prevents damp conditions, permanently insulates it from moisture, and minimizes the risk from leaks.

Whether the goal is instant protection of a basement as a preventative measure; or there is some possible real damage about to occur; or it has already occurred… basement waterproofing will help quickly remedy the potentially-terrible situation. With various options available, we’ll determine the best course going forward, depending on the severity of the damage.


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Our Assesment

When we’re assessing the property, we will look at the following issues:

  • When did the leaking start?
  • Does the moisture dry out on its own?
  • How much water is visibly present?
  • Are any of the other parts of the property being affected?
  • Are mold or mildew present?
  • Does the moisture seem to originate from the interior or exterior of the property?
  • Is the leak consistent?
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Our Proven Methods For Basement Waterproofing

In order to ensure the long-term health of a home’s occupants -- against harmful mold, mildew, and unwanted rodents and pets -- and to fully secure the longevity of a home’s structural integrity, we provide robust Basement Waterproofing.

Interior Waterproof Sealer & Water Drainage Systems

Our must-have interior sealant is a waterproof sealer that helps to keep moisture locked into the floor of the foundation, and within the walls of the basement. Categorized as a special coating, this compound will ensure that moisture from the outside won’t be able to penetrate basement walls and flooring.

Then, as an imperative measure, our interior drainage systems are installed with a membrane that leads to a sump pump, which is installed under the foundation. This is built to collect and then carry basement water out and away from the home.

Ideal as a strong moisture barrier, both of these inseparable applications provide an effective barrier liquid against seepage and interior absorbency.

Exterior Water Drainage

When properties are at high risk of flooding or water intrusion, exterior basement waterproofing is the only option. This type of waterproofing is carried out on both new builds and existing homes. With specialist sealants and drainage in place, exterior basement waterproofing offers complete protection from breakage, leaks and damp, even in high-flood- plain areas.

Crawl Space Encapsulation

Typically, the underneath part of any house — the crawlspace is usually dark, dank, covered with cobwebs, dead rodents, water seepage, or just awful conditions, generally.

We’ve discovered that a clean, well-ventilated crawl space can save energy costs, reduce the appearance of hazardous mold or mildew, keep the rodents away, and quickly enhance the value of any home.

So, if a homeowner has a disgusting crawl space, we say this: Encapsulate it.

Encapsulation means completely cleaning out the space, allowing proper airflow to reduce moisture and rot, and to “encapsulate” or seal it with a weather-proof, moisture-fighting barrier.

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