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Concrete Leveling

Concrete leveling is the process in which bring cracked, sagging or sunken concrete  back to it’s original look and level.

By stabilizing the soil which lies underneath the concrete, slabs can be injected with a special polyurethane foam, fill the void underneath, and then the pressure underneath causes the slab to be lifted and leveled back into place. Cracks then seam together again, and the entire look is fresh and aesthetically pleasing.


Concrete leveling is necessary because when slabs of concrete are installed, they sit directly on soil. Over the course of time, fluctuations in weather, moisture levels, and alterations in the composition and compaction of the soil, can cause concrete slabs to move or shift. These shifts result in unsightly cracks and unsafe slab levels (tripping hazard!). 

Rhino Foundations will come take a look, assess the most efficient and cost-effective method, and then help to quickly (some projects can be done in an hour or two) enhance the sight and feel of your cement.  



We incorporate three main steps to make your concrete look nice, level and smooth again


We drill dime-sized holes straight into your concrete. 

We drill dime-sized holes straight into your concrete.


We then pump in our strong polyurethane formula (concrete leveling foam) underneath the concrete, to fill the void space under the slabs.


Quickly, the slabs will even out — like they were originally intended — and the slabs are now examined for straightness and conformity. 



Time-Lapse Videos

*We even level colored cement*

What are the Advantages of Rhino’s Concrete Leveling?

  • Avoid paying for the construction of new concrete
  • Your concrete will be level again — in a matter of hours
  • Results last for years
  • Least expensive way to get your concrete looking the way it was brand new
  • You’ll be the envy of all the neighbors…who also have cracks in their cement.

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