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Crawl Space Repair

Typically, the underneath part of any house — the crawlspace, is usually dark, dank, covered with cobwebs, dead rodents, water leakage, or just awful conditions, generally.

Homeowners like to avoid the uncomfortable subject of what may be lurking below their homes – way down in those crawl spaces.  It is not fun to speculate on what may possibly be growing, living, existing (like harmful Radon) or even rotting, beneath any home. Whether the house is brand new or has been in existence for decades, moisture-causing and fungi-growing conditions in crawl spaces can be costly, potentially dangerous, and quite nerve-wracking to deal with; especially when homeowners know that hidden problems can get worse over time.

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Protect Your Crawl Space

If not properly protected, crawl spaces may contain bugs or rodents, be rife with water seepage, or even have undiscovered and potentially-toxic levels of invisible Radon gas, coming up from the soil.  Unfortunately, this sometimes-scary space is often the most neglected part of the home, and can also become the source of higher energy bills, little critters or infestations, and cracks and leaks – which can cause mold or mildew – bringing potentially-hazardous air…or the dreaded circumstance – of seeing a drop in the real estate value of the home.   

To avoid potentially unsafe environments and depreciation due to what’s below the home, Rhino Foundation Systems helps to transform crawl spaces. We want to see them go from cramped, ugly afterthoughts into fresh-looking, clean, enduring spaces. We’ll wrap them in an antimicrobial, moisture-fighting barrier, which can provide more usable square footage, more space for storage and utility, peace of mind, and crawl spaces which homeowners even love to brag about.   

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Our long-term protection solution: Crawl Space Encapsulation

Through years of working underneath an untold number of houses, we’ve discovered that our clean, well-ventilated, encapsulated crawl spaces can:

  • Save energy costs.
  • Reduce the build-up and appearance of hazardous mold or mildew.
  • Help to keep rodents, infestations and other unwanted guests away.
  • Help to keep the foundation dry.
  • Help to keep Radon levels low. Note: Our sister company,, can help to mitigate high Radon levels.
  • Quickly enhance the real estate value of any home.
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Crawl Space Encapsulation Process:

  1. Removal of built-up dirt, debris, cobwebs and dust, so that proper flow of air can be achieved beneath the home, which reduces moisture and rot
  2. Seal or “encapsulate” it with the installation of an *antimicrobial,  weather-proof, moisture-fighting barrier which is installed on the dirt  floor and can be wrapped around the walls of the entire crawl space. If requested, a polyurethane spray foam can also be installed to further insulate the spaces.

This installed barrier turns a place underneath the house to avoid, into livable, breathable square footage for storage or equipment, etc. When the Encapsulation Process is complete, homeowners will have a clean environment that instantly boosts the savings, airflow, crawl space appearance, and longevity of the home.

So, if a homeowner has a neglected, filthy, or mold-growing crawl space that seems to be choking for clean airflow, we say this: Encapsulate it.

*Antimicrobial: a formula to kill or slow the spread of microorganisms. Microorganisms include bacteria, viruses, protozoans, and fungi such as mold and mildew.
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