Spanish Fork, Utah

Anybody who lives in Utah, and it’s inhabited areas such as Spanish Fork, can tell you that, despite being considered a desert, there is hardly a lack of annual rainy or snowy weather patterns. The quarterly seasons are are very accurately depicted in the state in comparison and contrast with those closer to the equator or the poles, and as such, rain is more of a prevalent phenomenon in the Spring, and similarly, snow in the Winter, than they would be during the Summer months that stand in the middle of the year, which are once again consistent with most depictions of these respective times of the year.

Without a doubt, these months are typically among the most costly for homeowners and businesses alike due to the expensive repairs needed to mend the problems these weather shifts can bring to the foundation of buildings and other structures owned by these groups. The rain and snow that will eventually melt can cause damage to these facilities by draining into the soil and causing it to move around, and the building will eventually follow suit. These weather types can also do more direct damage, weathering down the material used to form these foundations after slipping through the ground, leading to:

  • Cracks
  • Bowing walls
  • Stained surfaces

These are just some of the potential consequences of precipitation. Water damage is undoubtedly a huge problem, but it can be challenged or avoided entirely with proper care and maintenance, which is where businesses like Rhino Foundation Systems come in. As a foundation repair company, the task at hand is usually to fix a previously damaged foundation and bring it to a state where it is as good as it once was, or as relatively close to that quality as possible. Additionally, or perhaps alternatively, this type of work often involves making quality of life improvements to foundations on top of repairs to safeguard structures from damages that may have not been considered or thought of during the facility’s initial construction. An commonly performed example of this is basement waterproofing. While this may not be considered or thought to be as pressing of an issue in Spanish Fork, Utah, as it is/was on homes in St. George, given its smaller amounts of precipitation, this problem is still very real for many of the older homes built decades ago in this part of the Provo-Orem area, much like it is also a standing problem in Salt Lake City under the same circumstances.

Working through most of the state, Rhino Foundation Systems functions and carries out projects and support anywhere down to St. George, and all the way up to Ogden. This also means many areas in between, including Spanish Fork! We have half a century of experience in this industry, and because of this longer history and these first hand accounts, we are well acquainted with what candidates exist in the form of hazards that face homes and other types of structures in the state of Utah. There may not always be a ‘one fixes all’ type of solution, but the team is aware of that and are always ready to tackle the challenge and repair these foundations and structures to the best condition achievable. It is our job and privilege to help get rid of the problems that plague homeowners throughout Spanish Fork, and wherever our work can reach as well!

The impact of weather on Spanish Fork foundations 

The weather of Spanish Fork is generally similar to that of the rest of Northern Utah, and as such, the prevalence of foundation repair work is on a nearly year round basis. Preparation work in the form of waterproofing and sealing a foundation or basement is done in the Summer and Autumn months for the coming months full of precipitants. This is the case for brand new structural projects, and pre existing buildings to add to that list, granted they have not been maintained prior.

This work is usually done in advance, but there are countless cases where some homeowners still experience foundation issues. The cause of these cases is never restricted to having an improperly or not-at-all sealed basement, and other common problems with foundations in Spanish Fork from precipitation can be attributed to:

  • No external drainage system (rain gutters)
  • Poorly maintained drainage system (interior and exterior)
  • Excessive/unprecedented precipitation

These are just some of the problems that come during the latest and earliest months of the year with the wet seasons. There are other phenomena that can cause damage to foundations and their structures in Spanish Fork that have nothing at all to do with water. Some examples:

  • Earthquakes
  • Extreme or unforeseen dry periods (though infrequent)
  • Dated equipment was used to construct structure

Now that you know about some of the scenarios that can lead to damaged foundations and buildings, let’s give some insight as to what Rhino Foundation Systems can do to fix and/or get rid of these problems.

What services do we offer in St. George, Utah?

We offer all of our services statewide, regardless of the ethical importance of a service. This means that even if something happens that generally would be seen as abnormal or outlandish for the area a homeowner lives in compared to another area where that event is more common, we can offer the service because, once again, we offer our services anywhere they may be needed in the state under the locations Rhino Foundation Systems is functional within. Here is a brief bullet list of the services we offer:

Foundation Repair

  • Basement Waterproofing
  • Crawl Space Encapsulation
  • Carbon Fiber
  • Foundation Leveling
  • Helical Piers
  • Micropiles

Concrete Lifting

  • Concrete Leveling
  • Polyurethane Foam
  • Concrete Replacement

For more in depth descriptions of what entails with these services, visit our services page and its subsections here.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to get my foundation repaired if I live in Spanish Fork?

The price range is variable and subject to change depending on the extent of damage to the foundation, structure, or any aspect of the facility that needs to be touched up. If your home is beginning to settle or already has gone through such a transition, extensive work will need to be done to bring its value back up and to get it into a considerably good quality. Repair costs at damages this severe will often cost upwards of $15,000! This is why it is highly suggested and recommended that anybody experiencing issues, even those that may seem minor, act quickly and call for foundation repair as soon as possible to avoid having to spend a fortune on fixing the future damages before they can ever take hold.

What causes the most damage to homes in Spanish Fork, Utah?

Many problems throughout the state when it comes to foundations are due to rainfall and snowfall leaking into the basements of homes during the late and newest months of each year. This is more so the case the further North you go, being less problematic in the dry south, but increasing in this aspect as you enter the colder areas in the opposite direction. Spanish Fork experiences moderate rain throughout the year, moreso in the Winter and Spring than other times of the year. It is no surprise that water leaking into foundations and basements is close to the primary cause of damage to homes in this part of the state.

What can be done to keep water from damaging my home?

The best thing to do is make sure that you have a proper exterior and interior draining system that functions in the best way possible. The goal is to keep water from sinking into the soil around your home’s foundation. Rain gutters can do the trick, but they are susceptible to buildup and it is recommended that they are well maintained. As for internal drainage systems, it is recommended that homeowners and establishments have their plumbing inspected at least once annually.

Will the repair process be a long and loud process like large scale construction work?

No. Of course, the time we will need to dedicate is purely dependent on the damage and the type of service being done, but almost every service we offer is typically completed in 3 days tops, but can and usually does take a bit less time than that. Many services are also very quiet and require few resources or tools to perform, mitigating noise levels. For more information, visit our service page.

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