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When concrete slabs, driveways, porches or sidewalks are first installed, they are placed directly on top of soil, making the entire presentation appear new, solid and pleasing to the eye.

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How It Works

When concrete slabs, driveways, porches or sidewalks are first installed, they are placed directly on top of soil, making the entire presentation appear new, solid and pleasing to the eye. 

However, over time, the soil underneath can begin to shift, causing slabs to separate, sag, or even sink – leaving ugly cracks and dangerous tripping hazards. Through years of experience in dealing with sunken concrete, Rhino Foundation Systems provides the long-term solution: professional Concrete Leveling. Sometimes also known as Concrete Lifting, this process is a surefire way to ensure that failing cement can be lifted and leveled, so that it is more safe, no longer embarrassing, and pleasing to look at, once again. To accomplish this task, we stabilize the soil which lies underneath the slabs. 

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Concrete leveling is necessary because when slabs of concrete are installed, they are constructed and placed directly on top of soil. Over the course of months and years, fluctuating weather patterns, changing moisture levels, and alterations in the composition and compaction of the soil, cement slabs can shift or move. These shifts result in unsightly cracks and unsafe slab levels (tripping hazards!). 

Rhino Foundation Systems will come take a look, assess the most efficient and cost-effective method for leveling, and then help to quickly enhance the useability of your cement. In fact, some jobs can be accomplished the same day.

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We incorporate three main steps to help your concrete look nice, level and user-friendly, again:


In order to correct the affected slabs, we drill dime or quarter–sized holes straight down vertically, into the cement. 


We then inject and pump in our strong polyurethane formula (Concrete Leveling Foam) underneath the concrete, to fill the space underneath the slabs.


As the foam underneath immediately starts to expand, the slabs will lift…and level out. When the best level is attained, the slabs are then examined for conformity. Once our technicians determine that the slabs  are leveled and lifted to capacity, then the injection stops, and drilling holes are sealed.



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*We even level colored cement*

Our Work Process

With decades of experience, and upon an initial assessment, we’ll be able to help you quickly shore up your foundation. Whether we have to incorporate micropiles, stelcor piles, concrete leveling, basement waterproofing, or inspecting your foundation for a property that is on the market – we’ve got the experience and expertise to get your job done right.

Initial Assessment

Upon receiving your message, call, text, or email, we’ll come out and perform a quick assessment for your project. Total transparency is our policy, so we’ll discuss the best and most cost-effective options.

Competitive Pricing

Our business practice is to offer the most robust, safe, and secure work performances at the most competitive, cost-saving pricing.

Schedule The Work

Once we receive contractual ownership permission, the job will be placed in the next available time-slot, so that our customers receive the earliest possible scheduling.

Complete the Work

We won’t stop performing our work on the job, until the job is done. We won’t leave a client hanging. If there are changes, enhancements, or re-do’s along the way, our clients will enjoy full disclosure progress reports.


When you’ve experienced over 50 years of being able to satisfy customer’s expectations, year after year – you have the opportunity and privilege to be able to deliver on some pretty big, substantial projects. Though we can’t list them all here, we’d like to wholeheartedly thank all of our clients – whether they be repeat homeowners who were in need of foundation repair, business owners that need their building stabilized, huge tracts of pre-construction land sites, or government agencies and buildings.

Meagan Rojas
Meagan Rojas
Brendon helped us out super last minute, was very professional and knowledgeable. We feel very confident with him doing the work!
Chay McGee
Chay McGee
Joel was professional and happy to answer questions. I’m impressed so far.
Craig Lively
Craig Lively
Casey provided me a quote and I ultimately didn’t end up moving forward with the bid. However, he still continued to provide recommendations for my situation. Great, trustworthy company.
Spencer Woodland
Spencer Woodland
Casey is a legend. On time & very responsive. Provided me with all the information I needed & was very helpful. Highly recommended!
Jason Haymond
Jason Haymond
Brian and Ferron were amazing! We had a small lift to do on our front porch that has been getting progressively worse since at least the early 1980's (when my Dad remembers it to). It had dropped the corner of the house about 3 inches at least, making the brick column crack apart, the roofline look all screwy, and even the screen door would rub the "ceiling" on the porch. They were available for this job super fast. Everyone else couldn't come for at least three months, and their prices were about double what Rhino offered. All the other guys wouldn't even consider trying to lift it back into place, just drive piers and stabilize it while leaving it all crooked. When these guys came out, they texted beforehand to let me know when to expect them, and showed up on time with all the equipment necessary. Brian walked me through everything he would do, and explained any of the risks of trying to lift the porch. They dug the smallest holes possible, and kept everything neat and tidy on tarps. The lift went super well, and I'm thrilled with how straight it all is. 10/10 I will be using Rhino for more work, and recommend them without any hesitation. Thank you!
Amber King
Amber King
Rhino Foundation Systems has been so great to work with so far! Joel has been out to our house twice now and has been so patient and great with us to answer our millions of questions and explaining the best route to solve our different concrete issues. He has always been so prompt and professional. Highly highly recommend!!

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